Our Mission

We have always been a climate-conscious brand, delivering high-quality handmade products through our slow fashion process. This means we take pride in sourcing our fabrics from dead-stock local outlets and the use of natural fabrics in our collections. We aim to reduce our carbon footprint and impact on the planet by having an eco-conscious supply chain including the use of recycled fabrics for our swimwear.

We hope this will inspire our clients and customers to also take practical actions and to invest more sustainably. 

We are taking the ambitious route of systemic change throughout all levels of our organisation, this includes promoting a positive message of healthy and sustainable lifestyle options for our audience. The road to achieving this will be a learning expo

Our Next Steps Forward 

As we enter into new realms of sustainability we are hoping to learn and grow within this movement with the launch of our new campaign, EVOLVE. This is highlighting our biggest eco-conscious move yet from start to finish. We hope to continue the evolution of this movement with the launch of an entire product launch that brings to mind 'less is more', making our products affordable and timeless for our audience to buy less. 

For more information contact on our road to sustainability.