The Silent Imposter Syndrome: Breaking the Chains and Reclaiming Self Confidence

Our Take: A sensitive topic, and sometimes we don't realise it exist, but honey let me tell you, it is the most silent yet deadliest thing that can attack your confidence and growth without you even realising it! 

So how do you know if imposter syndrome affects you? Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do you often procrastinate when it comes to making significant life changing moves?
  • Do you shy away from putting yourself forward for anything at work or business that does not involve you being in the limelight?
  • Are you worried about being in the same position you were in life, work and business for too long?
  • How do you feel showcasing the best version of yourself in front of your audience?
  • Do you often start and stop ideas or plans that could potentially add to your professional and personal development?

If you can answer these questions without stuttering then congratulations you are on a great path to self confidence. If not, then maybe these top tips can help propel you in the right direction: 


Always be in a mode of self reflection. It is easy to carry on in life without realising you may have traits of imposter syndrome, but the quicker you nip it in the bud, the quicker you can get things moving and develop yourself even further. It may help to write your biggest fears down, what you are most worried or concerned about and face them one by one. The idea is to identify these and set a plan of action to tackle each of them. 


Regardless of how confident you think you are, set your self-confidence goals each quarter. Push yourself out of your comfort zone: identify a few personal or professional areas where you can challenge yourself beyond your perceived limits. If you need to put yourself more in the limelight to promote yourself and business, just do it! When you eventually get the opportunity to do this, journal each step of this so you can reflect on how you felt. Revisiting a journal with these emotions, when done positively, can serve as a powerful reminder of your growth journey and accomplishments.


When setting your goals, aim for the highest possible goal you can see for yourself overall and work your way backwards until that goal is achieved. It is much easier to reverse engineer when you have an overall vision and plan in mind rather than have nothing at all. If one of your goals is to buy a new home, challenge yourself with adding value to the house you want, aim for a challenging location, decide how you are going to get to that point and maintain that goal. The key is in the who, what, where and when. 


With everything there is a learning curve. If you don't fail at something you will never know the effort required again and again to achieve your highest potential. Go in with an open mind. Even if a plan or goal challenges you, give it 100%, even if it does not work, it is better to try and fail than not know if it works at all. 


Birds of a feather flock together. Whilst we cannot stress this even more, it is also not the easiest to find a trusting and supportive community and group that consistently stays present throughout your various life cycles. As much as you may evolve and change direction, your tribe should also develop. You should take the necessary steps to expand your network to help support every direction you decide to go into. This also applies to your spiritual growth. If you are reaching heights in your spiritual journey/faith, associate yourself with those that are respectful and understanding of your overall wellbeing journey.

Best Bits: Imposter syndrome may be a formidable foe, but with targeted strategies and a commitment to personal growth, you can break free from its grip. By understanding the signs, embracing a positive mindset, and cultivating a supportive environment, you can navigate the challenges of self-doubt and emerge stronger and more confident. Remember, you are not alone in this journey, and with each step forward, you are reclaiming your worth and rewriting your narrative. Target imposter syndrome head-on, and let your authentic self shine.

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