The Importance of Championing Each Other

Our Take: In a world where competition often overshadows collaboration, it's crucial to remember the power of encouragement, especially among women. International Women's Day certainly showcased some notable highs and we feel that the journey towards equality and empowerment has improved. However, it is far from over.

In order for us to see a SHIFT, it requires us to not only advocate for ourselves but for other women around us consistently without competition. It's a call to action for all of us to champion and be an advocate for other women, particularly those who appear to be successful. Surprisingly, it's often the women we perceive as successful, the ones who might even intimidate us, that need our support the most.

In this blog post we want to explore the various traits to look out for that may go against the policy of sisterhood and the areas we feel that need more room for improvement: 


There's a pervasive notion that someone else's success diminishes our own chances. This zero-sum mindset festers an environment of jealousy and competition, particularly in professional settings. However, the truth is far from this. Encouraging and championing other women doesn't just help them; it creates a culture of mutual support that benefits everyone involved. By recognising that success isn't a limited resource, we can begin to dismantle the barriers that hold us all back.


Empowerment begins with action. Championing women who seem to have it all, those at the top of their careers, leading initiatives, or breaking glass ceilings, is crucial. These women, often seen as threats, are the ones breaking new ground and paving the way for others to follow. The truth is in the action; by supporting them, we're not just acknowledging their achievements, we're helping to build a more inclusive and equitable environment for all women. 

Moreover, empowering the women we feel threatened by can transform our fear into something positive. It shifts the narrative from competition to camaraderie, from envy to encouragement. This change in perspective is essential for personal growth and collective progress.


Being an advocate for other women can take many forms. It can be as simple as celebrating their achievements publicly, offering mentorship and guidance, or standing up for them in challenging situations. It also means creating opportunities for others to shine, recommending women for projects, promotions, or speaking engagements that align with their strengths.

Additionally, fostering an environment where women feel comfortable sharing their successes and challenges is crucial. Encouragement should be part of our daily interactions, whether through a supportive comment, a congratulatory note, or even just a listening ear.


The impact of championing each other is profound, sharing each other's achievements is a positive movement bigger than our own individual opinions. It not only boosts individual confidence but also strengthens the bonds within communities. This support network becomes a powerful force for change, encouraging more women to step forward, share their stories, and pursue their ambitions.

The act of championing and advocating for other women sends a powerful message: that 'we are stronger together', that we recognise the value in each other's success, and that we are committed to building a world where all women can thrive. This isn't just about individual achievements, it's about creating a legacy of empowerment that will inspire generations to come.


The energy you give out is the energy you will attract, and there are many ways to look at this. Speak highly of other women's achievements as small as they may seem to you. In return as they feel empowered, the same energy will be returned in you in some way, shape or form. Do less relaxing on your goals and more movement, think about how many people you will encourage by being BOLD! We have a responsibility in society to empower one another. 

Best Part: Let's commit to being the champions for other women we needed at different stages of our own journeys. By encouraging, advocating for, and championing each other, we can transform the landscape for women everywhere. It's through these acts of solidarity that we can create a more inclusive, supportive, and empowering environment for all women.

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