EVOLVE : Our New Print

Elegance meets sustainability: unveiling our new print on silk 

We are thrilled to introduce our latest endeavour: our first exquisite print and silk scarf is a blend of elegance and sustainability. Exclusively made in London, this is more than just a fashion statement, it represents a commitment to purposeful and ethical fashion and our commitment toward environmental responsibility.

 A pre-launch of our EVOLVE print, creating a new print that embeds our brand logo is a meaningful step in establishing a recognisable and cohesive brand identity. 

What does this mean to us?

This stems from our brand ethos and everything we stand for regarding our exclusive feel and empowering women to become the best version of themselves. Creating a product that is symbolic of this branding message is very important to us. We want women to feel empowered when wearing our silk scarf, therefore solidifying a campaign was an organic step of brand growth. Enforcing an eco-conscious supply chain for our sustainable products is also part of the EVOLVE movement, this is the start of a new evolution for House of KANAI. 

What's our next move?

We aim to cascade fashion, lifestyle and well-being campaigns across all brand entities involving key collaborative partners in our audience. Recognising that women are multi-faceted beings, they should be celebrated in ALL areas including career, entrepreneurship, and motherhood. Women are consistently navigating challenging aspects of life and we would like to be a channel for that to be heard in our unique way. 

The versatility and sophistication of the EVOLVE print.

The strength of our campaign EVOLVE, signifies our branding message to inspire, motivate and promote women through lifestyle and well-being entities. The EVOLVE print will be available for pre-order February 2024.